Transfer Printing

This is quite an easy process whereby we print your design onto a special type of transfer paper and then transfer it to the garment with the use of a specialised heat press. This method is extremely quick and adapts well to full colour photographs or designs which are being used for promotional purposes. The transfer printing method is effective for both dark and light coloured t shirts and outfits. However, darker garments need a more substantial paper than light coloured ones and subsequently the feel of the finished product is more heavier than the latter. This effect doesn’t suit everyone so bear this in mind when choosing the colour of your T shirt.
Irregular designs can sometimes look amateurish if transferred onto the T shirt within a square background. T Shirt Printing Belfast gets around this problem by using a cutting machine to cut around your design and then apply it to the T shirt in its original shape. As with the above example, a lighter coloured T shirt gives a much more smooth and subtle finish ensuring you cannot feel the transfer on your garment.
Prices for transfer printing start from as little as 40p for each transfer but T Shirt Printing Belfast will discuss prices with you if your order is of a high quantity. The final price will also depend on the size of the logo you are intending to use.

  • Printing replicated to a superb finish
  • Dark T shirts can sometimes feel heavy
  • Brightness can fade when washed more than 20 times
  • Printing is possible up to A3 size
  • Extremely quick turnaround; ideal if needed fast
  • No setup charge


Transfer printing is ideal if you only require a small quantity of T shirts or need your garment for one off events such as hen and stag nights, promotional events or birthday parties etc. Please bear in mind that the finished article will reflect the quality of the images supplied, so always strive to provide us with high resolution images and photographs to ensure that you are not disappointed with the final result. Low quality images can sometimes result in a blurred finish so we recommend using images with a resolution of more than 200 dpi.

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