The services we provide are t-shirt printing, promotional clothing, sports wear etc  and the immediate area our services cover are Belfast and the greater Belfast area. We provide free collection as well as delivery in this area in order to facilitate the need for our customers to have their own garment printed. Delivery can be arranged throughout the UK and Ireland for free depending on the size of the order placed.

Digital printing on T shirts, hoodies and other forms of clothing is an art form that is everywhere you look, but is not something that you consciously notice on an everyday basis. You may have wondered how this form of printing works, and what sort of equipment is used to carry out the process. Well if you want to make a statement by showing off an unusual slogan or message, T Shirt Printing Belfast are your specialists in Northern Ireland and will show you a huge range of different designs and artwork you can use to achieve this.

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Over the past few years inkjet printer technology has improved to such an extent that using this form of printing has seen a dramatic rise in popularity in the clothing industry. The quality of resolution and the rapid speeds now achievable have both contributed to the relative cost effectiveness of this fairly new industry, and ensured that your hen and stag nights leave a lasting impression on everyone that attends along with memories that will never be forgotten.
Digital printing machines operate in a very similar fashion to your normal office or home printers in so much as the printing process. The only difference is that here you are feeding through an item of clothing rather than a sheet of paper. The ink that T Shirt Printing Belfast uses is a superior water based ink which delivers a robust colourful and permanent image. The process uses a technique whereby a dye is dissolved and then inlaid onto inkjet transfer paper. The transfer is then positioned into a heat press which causes the image to be transferred to the item of clothing. With certain types of material you will not be able to feel the image on the t shirt etc. as it penetrates the fibres of the garment and literally becomes a part of the garment itself. With polyester fabrics the pores of the fabric open up at very hot temperatures and the ink on the transfer permeates into the fabric as a gas. When the clothing gets cooler the pores close and the gas turns back into solid matter leaving the image as a permanent part of the garment. The only way the transfer can come off the garment is if the fibres are damaged. Unfortunately this process cannot be used where the fabric does not have a coating, as fibres such as cotton do not have any pores which will open and allow the ink to penetrate. White items are a good choice as a base coloured garment as they really bring out the colours in the dyes. This is due to white items not clashing with the colours of the dyes. Black, however, is another good choice for T Shirt Printing Belfast customers.

Digital printing machines are used in conjunction with image processing software, allowing for a larger volume of ink to be transferred to the garment. This software provides intricate colour profiling and extremely accurate reproduction of images. Utilising the best software on the market, T Shirt Printing Belfast operates a system whereby previews of the image prior to printing can be accessed and ink costs can be calculated to ensure maximum efficiency, giving our customers the best price possible for their projects. For larger orders of more than 50 units we would tend to use the process of screen printing which undoubtedly produces the best quality results. This type of printing needs a large order, however, as the process involves producing a screen for each colour required and at a cost of around £25 per screen, it can become very expensive for lower quantity orders. The advantage of this type of printing is that the finished product has a longer life and is more durable than digital printing. One has to balance, therefore, the cost against the purpose of the printed item. If the job is for a one off hen party for example, then digital printing will be the obvious choice whereas for uniforms which are going to be worn time and time again screen printing would probably be the answer. We are happy to announce that we operate the most advanced digital printers on the market which are capable of producing excellent results on any colour base garment.

We are able to print the majority of file types onto your chosen garment including jpegs, png files and pdf’s. If your image file is an unusual one, please contact us and we will ascertain whether or not we will be able to use it. Whatever the file it is most important that the image is of a high quality as this will be reflected in the finished product. Generally speaking you should be looking to produce an image with at least 200 dpsi to ensure that it is good enough for our process. We will not be able to give you the quality you expect if you supply us with inferior images. Your design can be virtually anything you want from a photograph to a computer image or your own drawing but please remember that it must be compatible with the technology that we use and basic colour principles must apply. For example try and avoid dark colours going onto a dark based T shirt as the design may not show up as well as you would like. White based T shirts are always a good choice. Also if your design has any unusual fonts you will be advised to contact us first so that we can guide you through the steps required. If your design is for professional reasons such as a large order of uniforms please make a note to order a number of your T shirts / polo shirts in a range of sizes to ensure that your staff have correctly fitted garments that look both stylish and professional.

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Our service is one that aims to please and we trust that T Shirt Printing Belfast can be of benefit to you in the near future.

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