With this type of branding your image is digitally input into the computer and then stitched onto the garment using a specialised embroidery software programme. The finish is extremely professional looking and is long lasting considering that the cost of this procedure is relatively inexpensive. Occasionally slight changes have to be made to the design to cope with the demands of the embroidery machine. For example very small writing may need to be enlarged, and complicated design patterns may need simplifying to ensure that the finish is still acceptable. However this is a great way to provide a professional corporate image for your workforce or sports association.

[quote align=”center”]Please check with us for a quotation for your individual project.[/quote] Occasionally this type of branding is not suited to designs which contain many different shades of colour as embroidery utilises single colour threads when duplicating your image. It is advisable to produce your design to T Shirt Printing Belfast beforehand in order that we can satisfy ourselves that your project is viable using this method.
T Shirt Printing Belfast are major suppliers of embroidered garments to many companies throughout Northern Ireland from small businesses to large corporate organisations. This does not mean, however, that we do not supply the individual. Please check with us for a quotation for your individual project.
We will need sight of your logo / designs in order to provide you with a quotation.

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    Could you please give me a quotation for 2 ladies hoodies with a small embroidered logo.

    At a later stage I may need a selection of embroidered polo shirts and hoodies.

    Many thanks

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  3. I am looking 3 shirts for me and my mates to wear this year in the Mtb race just something simple but a good material

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