Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing can only be used when you require solid colours and definitive change in colour in your design. Similar to transfer printing, it involves cutting the logo/graphic from a specialised vinyl material using professional cutting equipment. It is most commonly seen on football or rugby shirts as these garments use this method for the numbers on the shirts. As such it does not matter whether the garment is dark or light as the colour of the vinyl is simply chosen to match the item of clothing it is going on to. Once the vinyl is cut to shape it is simply heat pressed onto the shirt.
As before the price will depend on the quantity of T shirts ordered and the size of the design along with the number of colours to be printed.

  • Long lasting and strong material
  • Ideal for numbers on sports kits
  • Perfect for unique one or two colour designs
  • Quick to process
  • No setup fees
  • Can produce optimum shapes and details


Washing Instructions for Vinyl Printing

Depending on the purpose of the garment being printed, ie sports, promotional, workwear etc there are different washing instructions for each. We provide instructions with each order placed tailored to that particular job. Washing temperatures go from 30 degrees up to 90 degrees and some can be tumble dried and dry cleaned and some cant.


To view a video on how vinyls are cut please click here


Vinyl printing is ideal for:

sports clothing,
promotional accessories,
party clothing.

1383890_548295691911092_334682170_nExample of vinyl printing for promotional sue

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